With Tim Miller’s most recent full-length collection Cue the Able, (release date 10.30.12), the critically acclaimed Dallas-based singer/songwriter delivers a stripped down acoustic driven project that reaches deep. It’s the guitar- austere yet dynamic and Miller’s resolute voice that drive the sound. At once knowing and trenchant, Cue The Able literally grabs you by the throat. Audacious in its simplicity, you are compelled to listen as lyrics unfold in tatters around your feet. And this in fact, points to the multi-talented artist’s other strength– he’s got something to say. “My process is simple-organic. Everyday I pick up the guitar, play and write. The new songs are like snapshots… an amalgam of thoughts, insights and stories from the road.” Cue The Able revisits classic themes but throws down Miller’s unique take on life buffeted by experience and observation. It is authoritative, urgent and beautiful… his music has the power to subdue.

Since the release of Out of the Box and his 2008 breakthrough Adelaide, this authenticity of sound and message has earned him glowing reviews, considerable airplay at college and public radio, and licensing for over 20 shows on MTV, E! Network and the Oxygen Network. All Access Magazine made note of his “very persuasive and effortless delivery that wraps around the listener.” Wildy’s World wrote: “Miller…makes it sound like he’s living it as he sings.” OnMilwaukee added: Think of Michael Penn singing the songs that Jakob Dylan and others write on their best days.

Miller’s 2009 EP Sessions Lamar featured a cover of Cat Stevens’ iconic “Father and Son” and new acoustic versions of three songs from Adelaide. On this collection, Midwest Record observed, “Nick Drake may be dead and not coming back unless another commercial discovers him, but until he does come back, Drake fans can please themselves with Miller and his new batch of songs and remixes.” “Miller is an intelligent and lucid singer/songwriter/musician that encapsulates everything you would want to hear from an indie artist.” [Muzikreviews ~ Keith Hannaleck]

In 2010, he released an acoustic guitar/mandolin version of “St. Louis” (originally from his first album) as a standalone single. While developing songs for Cue the Able [2012], he took on a outside assignment: putting music to the words of novelist Eyre Price to create Six Feet of Peace, a soundtrack experience based on Price’s novel “Blues Highway Blues.”

Of his many years of live performances in his home region of Dallas and beyond, Miller says, “some of the best, most inspiring moments of my career have been onstage at The Bitter End in New York City, playing for 20 people. When you’re making a connection, that’s all that matters.” He is one to be reckoned with live. His arresting voice and emotionally charged shows are electric, and have earned him a loyal following. Among the venues he regularly cut his teeth at are the Prophet Bar, the House of Blues and Opening Bell Coffee in Dallas, the local equivalent to Hollywood’s famed Hotel Café. “Over the years I’ve done hundreds of gigs from Maine to California – bars, clubs, festivals, colleges… it’s all good.”

Miller’s latest… Cue The Able: raw and unapologetic, it bangs out penetrating, magnetic songs that speak of the human condition with unadulterated musicality and conviction.


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